We can certainly relate to Dorothy!

“There’s no place like home!”

Contessa pulled into her home port yesterday (Saturday) about 12:30p. And, oh, it is so good to be home, even as we enjoyed the adventure of sheltering in place with the shelter moving.

We had a very productive 4 days in Tampa. All the Dr appointments and tests occurred on the modified schedule, with both of us feeling very safe with the precautions that the medical facilities had implemented. On Thursday morning, the culmination of the week was with Bill’s Hearing & Balance specialist, located at Tampa General Hospital. There was a palpable pall hanging over the entire facility. Medical personnel in scrubs walking purposely toward a long day – with their heads down and not making eye contact with anyone.

Before Bill could enter the building, they took his temperature – which provided again a reassuring sense of protection. And the results of the MRI — the tumor on his audial nerve that we have been chasing for 12+years has shrunk since the last scan! This is such amazingly good news – his specialist (who was unexpectedly in the office) said that unless he begins to exhibit any of the symptoms we have watched for – primarily balance & right side facial muscles, there is no reason to return! He said “Go have a good life!” Now, that doesn’t mean he has or will regain any of the hearing in that ear, but our concern of additional and frankly more life-impacting effects has been all but erased! Thank God!

We did a little jig in the parking lot of the hospital – and then immediately headed back to Contessa, who was all closed up and ready to head north. We got out shortly after 11 and traveled about 120 miles to Starke FL for the evening. We stayed at a lovely little KOA Campground – totally quiet except for the trains that we love to hear.

We were out at first light on Friday – just anxious to get going, even though we were not trying to make it all the way home in one day. As we crossed the Florida-Georgia border heading north, we saw the barricades on the south bound lanes where Florida State Patrol had set up a total roadblock for all vehicles except semi-trucks. At 8:15a, the back-up was minimal, but we later heard reports of 5-6 mile back-ups. They are interrogating every vehicle, querying specifically those entering from New York/New Jersey/Connecticut. They were taking license/car/phone information and the destination of the passengers – and demanding 14 day quarantine and assuring the passengers that they would be checked on! We missed a similar experience coming into Florida last week – by just a few hours.

With our early departure, we got to our destination for the evening by about lunchtime – HomeStay RV Park near Orangeburg SC (off I-26). What an absolutely fabulous spot for our last night on the road! It is .6 mile down a dirt road to a 40 acre slice of heaven. The owners are building their dream of an event center (barn) and a few campsites (ultimately 10-12) in a several acre clearing around a stocked bass pond. They currently only have one site – so we fundamentally had the place to ourselves, except for the owners in their barn/house.

Saturday dawned bright & beautiful and we savored the many colors of green as spring has definitely come to the Low Country. As we headed north, the dogwoods were in bloom, the red buds were gorgeous and the wildflowers danced in the wind.

We pulled into Brevard about 11:30a Saturday morning, stopped just east of downtown to disconnect the Toad – and we headed up the mountain. Admiral Jann stopped by St. Philip’s to get our Palm Cross and admire the Palm Cross on the front of the church.

Since we arrived home, we have been settling in – which means moving all the stuff off the coach (and from the CA casita) into the cabin. That not only requires multiple trips with the Jeep & F-150, but it means figuring out where to put all the “stuff” into a cabin that is already full! By this evening, almost everything is in its place – or at least a temporary place.

So, now we will shelter-in-place like all of our friends & family have been doing. We have enough food for a month – and enough work on the property for at least twice that long, so we will be fine and will have no problem being bored!

It will probably be mid-late May before we learn whether our Alaska Trip will happen – but if not this year, then next. If it happens this year, we’ll need to leave by June 1 in order to be in northern Washington State by June 24. So, we’ll pause the blog until the next time Contessa & The Toad Get Hitched.

Please take care of yourselves and savor this very special Holy Week! Y’all are always in our thoughts & prayers!

Much Love,

Captain Bill & Admiral Jann

Whew! Just In Time!

Contessa & The Toad, with Captain Bill at the helm and Admiral Jann navigating, pulled out of Mississippi JUST in time to get across the Florida border on I-10 heading east! We got to Tallahassee, FL on Saturday afternoon -only to learn that they had activated a “checkpoint” for all vehicles entering Florida from the west. Their purpose was to identify and notify anyone arriving from Louisiana (specifically New Orleans) that they should either return home or totally self-quarantine for 14 days. While we would not have had a problem, it would certainly have been unsettling as well as time-impacting.

We did have a good “down day” in and around Gautier, MS. As with much of our travels (especially here in Florida, where we lived for 20 years), it is so disappointing to not be able to connect with great friends! Dirk Young & I worked together at Harris Corp (after I left MOT) and it would have been so great to connect with him and his wife, Amanda. But, sometimes we must be adults, even if we do not want to be!

The Captain & Admiral did check out Huck’s Cove Marina & Grill – where they actually had patio dining! The tables were a good 8′ apart and there could be no more than 10 people in any group. We had a lovely respite – and no one even at the closest tables. It was nice to be “out”.

Our cruise through downtown Mobile was again rather eerie – even though it was Saturday morning, there was almost no traffic on the roads and not a single slowdown thru the tunnel or anywhere. As we exited “downtown”, off to our right was the USS Alabama – what a glorious sight!

After a relaxing evening in Tallahassee, we made our way to Wesley Chapel yesterday (Sunday) to Quail Run RV Resort, where we will be for 4 nights. Ironically, our first night out on this trip was at Quail Run RV Park in Quartzsite, AZ – very different LOL. This is a lovely park with well-spaced lots. Many people are here much longer than they anticipated, but it is a lot better to be here – at least for our neighbor, who is from Long Island NY.

We’ll have time to clean windshield, bow of coach & car; re-provision some produce; get our appointments done – and head north on Thursday afternoon.

Stay safe & stay well!

Captain Bill & Admiral Jann

Back to the Land of Humidity!

Wow, how soon one forgets what life is like in the south! We pulled into our site last evening and just plugging in the coach created a sweat event that I haven’t felt in months (except for Zumba!)

We enjoyed our “day off” in San Antonio – again so thankful that we had enjoyed so much of this delightful city on our journey west in the fall of 2018, as everything was shutdown this time. We were amazed at how empty the campground was, as it is very nice KOA facility. We learned that in addition to everything else – this was to have been NASCAR Race Weekend, which was cancelled.

As we did in 2018, we took a drive northeast about 30 miles to the future home of good friends, Ferril & Gayla Sorenson. Much construction has occurred around their lot and it is about to get started for them.

We had a delightful bike ride – and it was the first “ah-ha — there is that humidity”. San Antonio has a network of bicycle paths that wind through parks and river/creek ways that will get you to the Riverwalk, but we didn’t go that far. Also, there are more hills in San Antonio than in Indio – which my legs told me about later.

We set out early from San Antonio. Even though we are loosing time zone hours as we head east, we seem to leave earlier and earlier. We adjusted our goal for the day to make it the remainder of the way through Texas. We did encounter a bit of rain and were again so thankful to have the windshield wipers in full operation. Construction all across Texas makes for a tense and exhausting ride for the Captain. There are miles and miles of concrete barriers on either side of the highway. The lanes are narrow in Texas (10′) and Contessa is 8 1/2′ wide – which does not give one much leeway – especially when being passed by a semi and his air wake!

We went straight thru Houston – and while there was certainly traffic, not a single slowdown or set of brake lights did we see. Traveling is certainly easier in these times!

After stopping for fuel in Vinton, LA, we made our way to a campground a mile away and had a relaxing evening, complete with delicious ribs! We also marveled – we filled up this beast of a motorhome for $125!!

Yesterday was Louisiana – and, oh, how we dreaded it! So much of I-10 is bridges across the bayou. It makes the Seven Mile Bridge seem short compared to miles and miles of highway that rides more like a roller coaster. BUT, since we had no intention of getting anywhere near New Orleans and its “hotspot”, we were able to take I-12 across the north side of Lake Pontchartrain from Baton Route to Slidell. That eliminated 20 miles of travel and it was a smooth, easy road.

We pulled into Gautier MS – with a plan for two days here. Now that we are nearing our destinations, we can take our time a bit more. We found another lovely campground – and again another blessing came our way this morning! Every schedule change has a cascading impact – and Bill’s Hearing Specialist office called wanting to move his appt from Friday to Thursday, but that means moving the Thursday appts to earlier in the week, as each is dependent upon the other. Everything worked out – and we will now be able to leave Tampa on Thursday afternoon instead of Saturday morning.

We’re off today for lunch out (pick-up & picnic table) and then blood tests in preparation for next week.

Be Safe & Be Well!

The Sage in Bloom!

One of the many joys of traveling in Contessa across this great land is the changing topology, especially as spring is emerging! The multitude of shades of green across the hillsides of West Texas are amazing – and the scent of spring and wildflowers are so calming.

Our first night in Texas was in Ft. Stockton – where we had spent a delightful afternoon and evening in November, 2018. We were thankful we had toured the fort and visited a bar (imagine that!) that had recently opened – as nothing was open this time.

We took a nice walk around the campground – greeted (from an appropriate social distance) many folks including two that had been at Las Cruses NM with us the night before. In a “normal world”, we would most certainly shaken hands and perhaps shared some time together. Not this time!

Another indication of spring is the plethora of bees & bugs – that seem to attack our large front window and “bow” of the coach while underway. In an effort to alleviate some of “big yellow splats”, Captain Bill used the windshield washer & wipers. Unfortunately, just as he did that – a speeding semi passes us and the bow current from his rig whipped the driver side wiper clean off the windshield and behind the rear-view mirror. Bill pulled over as soon as he could and we were able to prevent it being ripped off the rig.

So, a plan developed to contact a truck or RV repair facility in San Antonio the following day – and say a prayer for no rain during our travels. And, if it did rain, we discussed we would simply have to pull over until the rain passed.

Even though we have “lost” an hour each day for the last two days, we were up and out early this morning – which is our normal mode of travel. The sun was brilliant, which we were thankful for, even if it makes heading east a bit irritating. It didn’t take long, however, to have all that sunshine disappear behind dark storm clouds and signs of rain all around us. The roadway was wet – it had clearly rained just minutes ahead of us. We had about 2 minutes of a light mist that dried almost as soon as it hit the windshield. And then, all signs of rain dissipated and we spent the rest of the day with overcast but dry weather! There He goes again – taking care of us!

During the drive, calls were made to SouthWest Mobile RV Repair, who agreed to meet us upon our arrival at the Alamo KOA Campground mid afternoon and to Carlos to get Contessa washed on Tuesday. We also confirmed all our Dr & MRI appointments for next week. Providers are aware we are driving in – so if anything changes, they will advise, but for now, we are all systems go!

Traffic was eerily almost non-existent! There were miles and miles of I-10 where we didn’t see a vehicle either head or behind us – both in our lane and in the opposing direction.

The last few miles were the worst of the trip so far, with the confluence of multiple interstates in the center of San Antonio and construction/concrete barriers. Captain Bill, as always, did a marvelous job and we arrived safe & sound at the Alamo KOA Campground at 2:15p. After “settling in”, he just couldn’t help himself but HAD to start working on the windshield wiper before Levy arrived (we knew he was on his way). Sure enough, he had the diagnosis done before Levy arrived – and together they were able to “save” the wiper arm!

So, here we are for TWO DAYS! It is our first stop for more than an overnight, which many of you know is not our standard 3-3-3. This travel is, of course, quite different and we are doing OK with the rate of travel – even while we are looking forward to a “gentle day” tomorrow.

Eastbound & Down

It was an absolutely glorious day as we continued our trek (Day 3) on I-10! While there is more traffic than we anticipated, it has an interesting mix of around 60% truckers (God bless them!), 25% motorhomes & campers and 15% cars/pick-up trucks.

Yesterday, we enjoyed seeing the saguaro cactus, ocotillos in bloom, and fields of jumping cholla – and we marveled that just two years ago, we could not have identified any of these beautiful creations! Today, it was wildflowers -pink, orange and fields of yellow!

And blooming yucca for miles & miles!

The elevation of southern Arizona added interest to the drive, as we appreciated the mountains in the distance that we did NOT need to traverse. We expect to see snow-capped in northern Arizona (Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff), but yet – in mid-March, southern Arizona has some, as well.

And then, just the rough terrain that is everywhere in this part of our great land!

We put another state (Arizona) in our rear view mirror, as we entered New Mexico – and lost an hour on our clocks entering Mountain Daylight Time. The topology has a combination of high plains and two “types”of mountains – the Burro Mountains that are granite, and the “fault block mountains” that seem to rise out of the plains floor, the result of volcanic activity similar to Joshua Tree National Park.

We pulled into Hacienda RV Park in Las Cruses, NM just before 3:00p – where we stayed in November 2018 on our first trip to Southern CA with dear friends, Bob & Sue Grote.

We’re settled in for the night, after an hour or so of washing the windshield & “bow” of the coach (daily event). A nice walk around the park – nodding to people at an appropriate “social distance” and then a delightful dinner & evening aboard Contessa is on our plan. Tomorrow, we’ll go thru El Paso on our way to Ft. Stockton TX. We’re keeping our ears & eyes tuned for changes to state & federal plans – while keeping with “our plan” for now.

Yesterday, we shared the Freymiller truck – today is a trucking line (Danny Herman) that we so enjoy, as every one has a scriptural message. This one particularly touches my heart from our Bible Study at Desert Shores this season. It was so wonderful -and so helpful in these days of worry and the unknown – “Anxious for Nothing” by Max Lucado – based on Philippians 4.

For those of you that have sent messages on “Messenger” – we no longer use this app as the number of hacks and disruptions are untenable for us. We would love to hear from you – text message or email work great!

Stay Safe & Stay Well!

Captain Bill & Admiral Jann

Take Me Home, Country Road!

How all our world has changed in the last two weeks! It is the consummate example of one of our favorite quotes – “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plan!”.

But, then, we stop and think about all the blessings that we see around us every day. The beauty of people caring for each other (not the hoarders snatching up all the toilet paper), the unbelievable magic that when we decided to sell our RV site in CA that it sold in 14 days – and then closed two weeks later, how our hesitation to “plan” for the allocation of funds from the sale (to not jinx the sale) kept us from putting it in the market and the list goes on and on!

While it was painful to leave our friends at Desert Shores and our church family at St. John’s, we knew when we returned to the desert from our Christmas trip home that we needed to be home “more”. With our desire to travel with the motorcoach to see this beautiful country (which requires summer travel) – and then being gone for several months every winter – we were not going to be happy and neither would the cabin. We finished up the “last projects” and listed the property at the end of January. We were so thrilled that Dave & Nancy Anderson from Meridian ID fell in love with it – and made it their “second home” by the end of February.

So, we had it all planned – fly to Florida for doctor appointments on April 1, help dear friend Judy by driving her car to NC, spend April & May at home and then return to California in late May, pick up the coach, meet up with friends, Tom & Peggie and head for Alaska. So much for planning!

Then came COVID-19! After spending a few days contemplating our options, we decided that flying into Ft. Lauderdale was not “happening” – neither the airport, the airplanes, nor the uncertainty. With our own social distancing bubble (ie, Contessa), we decided the best course of action was to “Go Home, Country Roads!”

We got on I-10 Thursday afternoon about 2 miles from Desert Shores – and plan to stay on it for 1,975 miles to Lake City, FL. From there, we hope to take the Toad to Tampa/St. Pete for doctor appts and then head north to be home by Palm Sunday. If something happens that those appointments get cancelled, we’ll head north at New Orleans and see Nephew Jim in Tuscaloosa on the way home.

We departed about 1:30p yesterday after getting our transmission and coolant system serviced (routine). We made our way to Quartzsite, Arizona for diesel fuel ($1.89/gallon – yahoo!) and spent the night there. Shortly after we hit the road, California Governor Newson ordered “shelter in place” for the entire state. We were the last job our mechanics did for the time being. Yesterday to Tucson was a beautiful drive with loads of trucks (delivering goods to Americans) and motorhomes & trailers heading home. Today is Las Cruses NM!

Please, dear ones, take care of yourselves & each other. We will post along the way – but with everything shut down, our experiences will be limited. But we are safe traveling in our own bubble – and coming home!

Merry Christmas!

The Captain & the Admiral wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! May your days be filled with joy and wonder as we celebrate the Birth of Our Lord!

As you may know, Contessa & the Toad arrived in the Southern California Valley as planned on Monday, October 7. Our target was to get the renovations completed on the casita before we returned home to the cabin on Saturday, November 23. We made it – with 3 days to spare!

We were so blessed with great contractors and are really happy with the results of their work. Below are a few “before & after” pictures –

So, we are ready for company! We return to the desert on December 30 and plan to remain there until the first of April. We were blessed with several visitors last season and it works amazingly well, as we stay in Contessa, so the guestroom and bath are ready for your visit!

In order to get the work done and to enjoy Route 66 on our way west in the fall, we departed the mountain long before the majority of the leaves fell. We returned to literally a mountain of leaves to be removed. Fortunately, Bill Wanless came for Thanksgiving – and was a tremendous help in corralling 55 gallon bags of leaves and getting them to the landfill. In all, we removed ~1600 lbs of leaves and blew another ~800 or so into the ravine at the “back” of the property.

The first load at the landfill!

We also shared the joy of getting our Christmas tree, as this is going to be a Very Special Christmas at Dry Dock! Sister Sue and Brother-in-Law Rik, along with Nephew Jim, Niece Christy and her guy Chris will all be with us – which has not been possible for many years. Rik retired at the end of July, which means he doesn’t have to worry about getting back to patients in bad weather – for which we are very thankful. The first to arrive will be tomorrow when Jim comes from Tuscaloosa AL; Rik and Sue arrive on Monday from the Eastern Shore of Maryland (via their new home close to Wytheville VA); Chris & Christy will arrive Christmas Eve from Nashville TN – and we will have several days together as they can all stay until Saturday! YAY!

The Captain and the Admiral then return to the desert on Monday, December 30. Fortunately, Dry Dock won’t be totally abandoned as cousins plan to house sit for a couple of months while their new home is being built in South Carolina. Contessa has been at “the spa” getting a mani/pedi, so we will pick her up early in the new year. She will be bright and shiny – and ready for our adventure this summer when we go to Alaska! Our plan is to return to the mountains (via American Airlines) for April & May – returning to the desert about June 1. We’ll link up with dear friends, Tom & Peggie Perrotto and depart almost immediately for the Canadian border. There we will rendezvous with Guy Deutermann & Kathy and 21 other coaches on June 24 for a 62 day journey through British Columbia, the Yukon Territory and some 37 days in Alaska. We’ll return to the States about September 1.

It is going to be another fun-filled year – we are SO VERY blessed! Wishing you and yours the most wonderful of Christmas seasons and a year of joy, peace and good health!